Japan’s leading stock photo site shoots for the Asia market



Japanese stock photography company Pixta has announced that it will be expanding its services via a new English website, pixtastock.com, to focus on serving the surrounding Asia market.

The company claims to be Japan’s largest stock photography site, with over 5 million images to choose from, as well as 120,000 contributors, and 120,000 customers to date too. It’s pricing is relatively affordable, offering photos and illustrations starting at about $5, and video footage starting at about $20.

I asked a company representative a little more about this new English service. She explained that while the service is targeting mostly business users, that they are hoping for smaller customers as well, including SMEs and individual creatives or designers. I’m told that the company also intends to work with promising photographers and creators around the Asia region:

It is necessary for our business to make strong relationships with contributors, and the mission of our company to give the opportunities to people with talent – no matter where they are – by using the internet.

Pixta originally started out way back in 2006 as a creative platform, and has been growing well ever since. Check out the chart below showing Pixta’s increases in items sold/downloaded over the years to get a good idea of the company’s trajectory. It will be interesting to see if this growth can continue as they expand beyond Japan. Their positioning looks strong, since similar services like Getty Images might not feature as much localized photos and video for Asian countries as businesses in the region require. Pixta could fill that void.

pixta sales growth, items sold