Yesterscape app augments your present reality with photos of your past



Yesterscape is sort of a time-machine app developed by Kyoto-based startup QOOQ. As the app name suggests, Yesterscape allows users to save and leave photos to specific locations. For example, you can leave an archive of family photos of your during an annual trip, and then enjoy them the next time you visit the location.

Users can sign up for Yesterscape using Facebook or Google credentials. The app uses your mobile phone’s GPS, accelerometer and gyro sensor to obtain location data, as well as the angle or tilt of a photo. All of this information is saved with the photo in the cloud along with a time stamp. By holding your mobile phone to a given location, the app overlays photos from your past with the current scene.

Displayed photos can be filtered by time or distance. There is a private share setting for photos too, so that you can share photos exclusively with family members, friends, or significant others. These photos can be shared on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, giving users a way notify friends of their post.

You can check out how the app works in the video below. Yesterscape is available on iOS as a free download.