Japanese homescreen decoration app hits 12M downloads, partners with Sanrio


Based on our previously published Japanese article

CocoPPa is a popular homescreen decoration app from Japan that also has some handy social functions. It is operated by United Co. Ltd., and yesterday that company announced that the app has broken though the 12 million downloads milestone. That’s an impressive feat considering that the app just launched about a year ago in July of 2012.

What’s remarkable about CocoPPa is that about 83% of its downloads have been from overseas, making it a remarkable success story among Japanese companies that have often have difficulties looking abroad.

It was just a little over a month ago that the app surpassed the 10 million downloads mark, and it’s release on Google Play back in late May, picking up the slack for slowing iOS downloads, as you can see in the chart above. CocoPPa also recently became available on the Amazon Android app store as well as the Opera Mobile Store just a few days ago.

On a related note, it was announced earlier this month that CocoPPa would be seeking third-party content providers for partnerships and collaborations. And now Sanrio has decided to participate, bringing well-known IP like Hello Kitty, My Melody, and Little Twin Stars to feature in the app.

CocoPPa has previously partnered with Tokyo Otaku Mode on anime-themed homescreen decorations, and it also launched a Kanahei collaboration to mark its first anniversary back on July 19th.