Is Tetris Monsters the next Puzzle & Dragons? [Video]


Many games have tried to replicate the success of Japan’s mobile smash hit Puzzle & Dragons, but there aren’t many that have really made an impact. But few weeks back EA teased a game that has maybe just as much hit potential. That title is Tetris Monsters and it just launched in the Japanese App Store today.

Like Puzzle & Dragons, this is a puzzle/RPG hybrid, but of course the puzzle component here is Tetris. I should note that the iconic puzzle game has been changed a lot, with a just a few controls:

  • Block position indicators at the bottom of the puzzle area. You simply tap where you want your block to fall.
  • A cycle button on the right where you you can adjust the block’s orientation.
  • A ‘hold’ button on the right to take a pass on a block you don’t want.

As for the RPG portion of the game, when you complete lines or series of lines, you make a strike against your enemy. And as you win and collect more monsters, you become stronger and better equipped for future battles. The artwork looks solid, and of course Tetris’s icon music is every bit as awesome as it used to be. I’ve only played it for a short time so far, but I look forward to checking it out some more.

To learn more about the game, check out our quick video demo above. For folks here in Japan who would like to learn more, there will be a Tetris Monsters event coming up this Saturday at the Apple Store in Ginza.

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