Can GungHo replicate Puzzle & Dragons’ success with more TV ads?


While Japanese game publisher GungHo is most famous for its Puzzle & Dragons game, its other well-known title Princess Punt Sweets surpassed 6 million downloads earlier this summer. And now it looks like GungHo is ready to give Princess a boost, with a TV commercial set to air beginning this Saturday, August 10th, according to

As Serkan Toto points out, Puzzle & Dragons’ meteoric growth in Japan didn’t really kick in until October of 2012 when its first television ad campaign began:


So assuming that the Princess campaign has a similar effect, it would not be unreasonable for the game to hit at least 10 million downloads before year’s end if things go well. I don’t foresee P&D-like success, but there’s certainly lots of potential here.

The commercial is just as delightful as the game itself, with the kick-happy princess interrupting some kids in a park by kicking their can sky high. Check out the fun 30-second ad spot above.

Princess Punts Sweets is still only available in Japan and Korea, although a previous title in the franchise is available in English if you’d like to give it a try.