Because plants can’t swing a sword: Shinobi vs Zombie for iPhone


Thanks to the folks over at Axel Games for pointing out this gem. I thought I had enough of the ‘____ vs Zombies’ game genre. But then a small Japanese developer had to go and make Shinobi vs Zombie for iPhone – so I guess I can try one more!

In terms of controls, this is a super simple game. It makes use of your accelerometer, as you tilt your handset in whatever direction you wish your ninja to run. He will automatically attack a zombie whenever there is one in his path, but he’s vulnerable from the sides and the back, so you need to make sure to keep the zombies in front.

If your life runs low, you can replenish it by collecting pink orbs which emerge when you knock off a zombie. There are also green, yellow, red, and blue orbs to collect, each of which represents a different type of ninjitsu or special skill. When the fighting gets a little tight, you can activate these using the menu on the bottom.

If you’d like to learn more, you can check out our short ideo demo above. Or go download the game for free (it’s ad supported) over on the App Store.

shinobi-vs-zombie-2 shinobi-vs-zombie-1

shinobi zombie