Smartrip app lets you create a travel diary in minutes



We have written about many Japanese companies offering travel-related services in the past. For example, with Trippiece users can create their own customized travel plans, and with Kitchhike, travelers can experience home-prepared meals by locals. Smartrip is another such travel service that was just recently released. It lets you create your own travel diary in a matter of minutes.


Going on trips and taking photos is a lot of fun, but the required organizing that comes after can sometimes be a headache. With Smartrip, all you need to do is enter information such as title, theme, photos, and your travel companions, and you can have your own travel diary to look back on any time.

Smartrip is available on the web as well as on iOS. With the iPhone app, you can upload as many as ten photos at once. Photos from Facebook or Instagram can easily be uploaded to the site as well.

Smartrip is a creation by D2C, an advertisment and consumer service development company here in Japan. The brains behind the service is Shin Harada, who went on a round-the-world trip and wanted to simplify the process of logging the details. His solution for this probelem is Smartrip.

The company plans to grow the service into a place where trip experiences can be accumulated to become an inspiration for people searching for their next travel destination. We can expect to see more social features to be added to the site as well as to the Android app in the near future. To get an idea of how the site works, you can check out the video below.