Japan brings brilliant colored designs to boring paper receipts



If you go into a Japanese convenience store, you might notice a little box by the register where customers can trash their unwanted receipts. Since the usual purchase is relatively small, many people don’t bother to keep the receipts. But this could change, thanks to a creative little idea called the Design Receipt Project.

This project focuses on transforming receipts into a new communication tool. The initiative was started by Hiroaki Sato, and over 16 designers joined in to put their designs on the back of receipts. One of the many talented designers on board is includes Issei Kitagawa, the lead designer at Graph, a design and branding company. The colorful receipt paper can be purchased over on the DRP official website, starting at 2,310 yen.

In the digital age, receipts are one of the few physical things we all still come in contact with. But yet no one pays attention to the empty white space on the back. At least, not until now.

Thanks to the Design Receipt Project, we may see this previously empty space suddenly being used in new and creative ways!

Design-Receipt-Projectimage via. Roomie