New Japanese 3D Printing Marketplace Officially Debuts



A new 3D printing marketplace recently made its debut in Japan. It’s called Rinkak, which roughly means ‘outline of objects’ in Japanese. Anyone with 3D data can open shops on the platform and sell products from their designs, which is sort of similar to Shapeways. Rinkak has been operating in beta for three months, and has now opened up to the public.

There are many materials available on the site including plastic, pottery, and metal. Designers can set a price for their products based on the manufacturing fee, and Rinkak takes a 30% cut from sales. Manufacturing and shipping will be handled by partner companies of Kabuku, the company behind the new 3D platform.

On Rinkak, designers can publish 3D data under a Creative Commons license. This allows for other creators to modify parts of the design to produce remixed products.

Currently, there are only around 40 products available (some by the same designer) on Rinkak. But there is no shortage of amazing designs, as you can see below. The products are only available to purchase in Japan right now, so overseas buyers will have to wait.

LovelyHeart-rinkakLovelyHeart paper cup holder for ¥2,434.

Polygon-espresso-cup-RinkakPolygon espresso cup, ¥5274.

Shopcard-stand-RinkakShop card stand, ¥5,000.

stratum-vase-rinkakStratum vase, ¥27,954.

bigA-papercup-holder-RinkakBigA paper cup holder, ¥1,317.