3 apps making life easier for Japanese teen girls



For many people, thinking back to teenage years may bring some awkward memories. But recently here in Japan we’re seeing a number of apps that attempt to make life better and more fun for kids going through these difficult years. Here are three apps that we stumbled upon that are targeted at teenage girls in Japan, in no particular order.

My Nikibi

MyNikibiThe last thing a girl wants is a pimple on her face on the day of a hot new date. ‘My Nikibi’, meaning ‘my pimples’, is an app that helps girls deal with unwanted blemishes. It lets them manage their pimples by taking photos, and noting which ointment they used to treat it. By looking back later, they can then figure out which methods work best. Like many services in Japan, My Nikibi features a cute character as well.

The app is available as a free download for both iOS and Android.



Decolink is another app by CyberAgent which we mentioned in a past article. Released back in February, the app competes directly with Line but focuses exclusively on teenage girls as its target user base. There are over 10,000 free stamps available, and girls can enjoy many customization features like changing the fonts and backgrounds for the chat app.

Decolink is available for both iOS and Android.

JK Mezamashi


JK Mezamashi is a simple alarm clock app released by CyberAgent. The application is unique in that it is produced by an actual high school student who serves as the editor-in-chief of the mobile blogging platform, Candy. On Candy, CyberAgent conducted a survey of teens asking about their wake-up habits. Not surprisingly, 44% of girls uses the default alarm clock on their phones. Half of the respondents listed checking their mobile phone as the first thing they do after waking up.

The app has many fun alarm sounds including voices by cute guys in three different dialects. You can download the app for both iOS and Android.