Japanese startup replaces formal job interviews with drinking parties



Some of our readers may recall when we wrote about Wild Card, a platform that tries to make job hunting a little easier. Another Japanese company looking to tackle the same market, with its recently released Almen. Launched in September, Almen matches job seekers and employers by holding small drinking parties. Anyone over the age of 20 with a Facebook account can use the service.

Almen-imageInstead having a formal (and often awkward) job interviews, Almen gives both parties an opportunity to reveal their true colors with a little help from alcohol. A normal job interview process begins by selecting candidates from many resume submissions, but Almen skips this entirely and lets job seekers to apply to employer interviews directly.

For employers, Almen restricts party attendance to the president of the company. So targeted employers for this kind of service are small to mid-size businesses. This could be good for their business, since many companies of smaller sizes lack qualified applicants, since candidates often seek stability by applying to larger companies.

In addition to the job seekers and employers, restaurants can apply to use Almen too. Restaurants can provide service for 3,500 yen (or about $36) per person, with 500 yen going to Almen as commission.

JIA, the company behind Almen, hopes to acquire 300,000 job-seekers and 1,000 recruiting companies within its first year. Here’s a short introductory video to Almen below.