Japan’s CocoPPa has global appeal, hits 15M downloads, 83% from abroad



Japanese homescreen decorating application CocoPPa has surpassed 15 million downloads as of September 30th. What’s most remarkable about this is that a whopping 83% of its downloads come from beyond its home market of Japan.

CocoPPa has seen 39% of its downloads occur in the US market.

Because of this, United (CocoPPa’s parent company) stands out as a prime example of a company that dares to look abroad. It’s also a great example of how Japan’s cute/kawaii culture can be a very exportable commodity, even on mobile.

As you can see in the chart below, CocoPPa has seen 39% of its downloads occur in the US market, and 17% from its home market. England and Taiwan each represent 4%, while Canada, Brazil, and Germany represent 3% each.

United recently launched version 2 of its app (for both iOS and Android), with a number of new features available. There’s now a ‘download all’ function that will let you download entire homescreens (background and buttons). And the ‘Lounge’ area lets you post your own homescreen set for other users to download.

CocoPPa recently struck a deal with Chinese search giant Baidu in an effort to help market the app both in mainland China and here in Japan. The startup has also previously partnered with fellow Japanese startup Tokyo Otaku Mode to make available anime-themed homescreen sets on its platform.