Japanese ecommerce service boasts 70% returning users



Japanese fashion e-commerce website Factelier just celebrated its one year anniversary. As we have mentioned in a previous post, Factelier creates made-in-Japan quality apparel products by partnering directly with well-established Japanese factories. By skipping middlemen such as distributors and retailors, these high quality products are made available to consumers at affordable price.

To mark its one year anniversary, Factelier shared an impressive statistic: 70% of people using its service are returning users. That’s an amazing number for any type of e-commerce.

The company has formed partnerships with five different factories in Japan to date. On the website, there are special contents dedicated to its one year annivesary, where it features the voices of participating factories.

Factelier has built its name by collaborating with companies old and new. Back in December of 2012, the startup joined forces with a Japanese factory Kuska, a location three hours away from Kyoto. The beauty of Kusaka’s products is that they are completely hand-made. This time-consuming process only allows a few pattern variations to be produced. However, the resulting high-quality silk ties are one of a kind. Factelier has also made original products in collaboration with Zozotown, and it has opened its first show-room to showcase quality apparel products to potential customers.

It will be interesting to see how the company progresses from here, as it continues to connect factories and consumers.

Factelier founder Toshio Yamada