Traditional Japanese pottery decoration now comes as a DIY kit



We all have those moments when we want to do something out of the ordinary, something creative. If you don’t know where to start, Kutani Seal might be a great option if you’re into decorating tableware and pottery. Kutani Choemon is a pottery manufacturer founded in Ishikawa prefecture all the way back in 1897. They have brought beautiful tableware and tea ceremony utensils to the people of Japan for over 130 years.

Kutani Seal began back in 2009 as a workshop to design and create Kutani pottery by using seal transfers. Besides these workshops, Kutani Seal is available as a make-it-yourself kit which is sold over on its website.


There are different utencils available, such as coffee cups, flower-shaped plates, and rice bowls. All you have to do is layout the accompanying stickers on the utensil of your choice, and send back the plate to the manufacturer. The finished pottery will then be delivered to your door.

This kit is a very smart and fun way to encourage people to be creative, bringing the traditional Kutani pottery closer to the masses. You can follow Kutani Seal on Twitter to get their most recent updates. Or check out the video below to learn more about how it works.