Japanese startup hopes you have space in your living room for their photo tiles



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Many of us enjoy taking mobile snapshots every day, and here in Japan this tendency has helped photobook services, such as Mixi’s Nohana, to become popular among consumers. Thanks to advanced printing technologies and photo shooting techniques, now we have more ways than ever to enjoy our photos.

Tokyo-based startup O.N.A.R (apparently pronounced ‘One R’) recently launched a service called Niiice (apparently pronounced ‘Naaieece’) which lets you order photo tiles made from your smartphone snapshots.

In this space, we’ve already seen many startups enabling users to print their own original creations using Instagram photos (see Casetagram for iPhone cases and Snaptee for T-shirts). The company plans to target consumers who want to keep their memories in a physical form nearby. And these tiles do just that.

They come in small, medium, and large sizes. The small size has a magnet on the back, and the medium and large sizes come with a hook that will let you hang it on your wall. The original intention was for these tiles to be used for pet photos or to celebrate a birth. But they’ve found users are creating tiles as presents for parents or loved ones too.

The startup’s CEO Shunsuke Nakakariya says:

We hope our users can fill their walls with our tiles. But since people already have many small articles in their rooms, there might not be much space for new items. So we think users can start tile decoration using a small space on surface of a fridge, for example.

The startup targets users in the photobook market and hopes to catch up with Nohana in its number of total app downloads. Their service is currently available for the iOS, and an Android version will follow soon. Check out the picture below using our company logo!