New Japanese e-commerce site sells products with a story


A new ecommerce website was recently launched in Japan. It’s called STORIES online store. Operated by design and branding company Seitaro Design, the concept of the site is to make buying decisions based on the stories behind each product.

All products on STORIES are hand picked, with a variety of items ranging from furniture, to art jewelry, to bags. One thing they all have in common is a colorful back story, like a story of about a designer, or about the materials used to make the products. We picked out a just few fun made-in-Japan designer products from STORIES to share with you here.

Dry Carbon Crutch

Dry Carbon Crutch is the world’s lightest crutch. It’s made from dry carbon (or CRRP) and weighs in at just 310 grams. The concept behind this fancy crutch was to make something that can be a part of your personal fashion. It is produced by Media Culture Plus, a company that develops original products in the health/medical sector. Each crutch is custom made and is available for 230,000 yen (roughly $2,300). Dry Carbon Crutch was a recipient in Japan’s Good Design Awards 2013.


This neat looking shaker set is called Baloon, and it was created by Masayuki Kurokawa. The shaker’s 0.9 mm thick glass is handblown and comes with a cork cover. A set of two can be purchased for 4,800 yen (or about $50).


SOU Wood Table

This beautiful wooden table is an original product by Seitaro Design. The layered wood uses a new type of material called paper wood, mixture of colored recycled paper and veneer. The tables are designed so that they can be easily connected to expand your dining space. The table comes in two color flavors, red & orange, and blue & green, and can be purchased for 245,000 yen.



Made by a designer for designers, Baxes series are a great bag for carrying art papers and drawings created by Kazuko Ito. Each bag is hand-made by experienced craftmans in Nigata prefecture, and can be purchased for 26,000 yen.



Tears is a small art piece that can be worn as jewelry. It was designed by Taiwanese designer Yu-Chun Chen. Juxtaposing Barocco pearls in different forms and with different material, Tears can be purchased for 7,000 yen.


Recent news from STORIES online store can be found on its Facebook page. If you’d like to see the actual items in person, there is a gallery shop in Nishi-Azabu here in Tokyo open from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm on weekdays. But you’ll need to make a reservation in advance by calling 03-6434-0115.