Comico provides free, mobile-friendly manga



Although many people in Japan still prefer to read comic books on paper, smartphones are pushing the industry towards digital at a fast pace. In Japan, there are websites like Ebook Japan that provide over 160,000 digital comics, and other services like Cmoa and Manga Okoku (roughly means ‘manga kingdom’) serve the same purpose.

Recently another service for digital manga was launched. It’s called Comico. At the time of launch, there are 56 different comics available free of charge, and this is expected to grow as the site expands. All the comics on the site are original and new stories are published everyday. Users on the site can rate and make comments on comics, or interact with each other. Sometime this year Comico plans to add a feature that lets anyone upload their own manga works.

Comico is accessible on the web and via mobile apps on both iOS and Android. The latter are designed for an easy reading experience with a vertical scroll without frames.

The company behind the service is NHN PlayArt. Its initial goal is to acquire 300,000 users by the end of this year.