Startup partners with TV station to give Japanese seniors work after retirement


old man japan

Some of our readers may recall when we previously shared an interesting report from Japanese crowdsourcing website Crowdworks. The report indicated that seniors in Japan are turning to crowdsourced platforms for work. This shift will only accelerate as the country’s population grows older. The findings in that report pushed the crowdsourcing platform to make its next move, launching a crowdsourcing business in collaboration with a major TV station TV Tokyo, targeting seniors specifically [1].

Since the older segment of the population are typically dependent on television as a means of obtaining information, this partnership between the young startup and an established TV station makes perfect sense.

The two companies will make efforts to encourage more seniors engage in crowdsourced work, and they plan to launch skill certifications to enhance the movement. The official launch of the platform is set for November 4th, when TV Tokyo will broadcast a show titled Work After Retirement.

Crowdworks was first launched back in April of 2012, and has over 16,000 companies using its crowdsourced workforce to date.

This initiative aims for 100,000 registered users by end of September next year, as well as one billion yen worth of work for this particular segment.


  1. In this case, people over the age of 50.  ↩