Now with over 1M downloads, Japanese news app Gunosy launches ad network



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Tokyo-based Gunosy, the startup behind the news curation app of the same name, announced today it will launch a performance-based ad service next week, which it will call Gunosy Ads. The new service allows advertisers to distribute ads to clusters of users according to their interests.

The company has also just revealed that their app surpassed 1 million downloads last month.

The Gunosy Ads service started distributing ads on a test basis last month, and the diagrams below were measured in the period. The CTR (click through rate) and CVR (conversion rate) figures are surprisingly high. CVR is mostly just above 10% on average, and you typically won’t see such a high number on other ad networks. By going ahead with the launch, it shows that Gunosy sees potential in this new advertising stream.

In addition, Shinji Kimura, a pioneer in the Japanese ad-tech sector, has joined their team. He founded ad-tech startup Adlantis back in 2007, subsequently selling it off to Gree for 1.6 billion yen (approximately $16 million) back in 2011.

We had a chance to hear more from Kimura about the company’s future strategy, and we hope to share that very soon. So stay tuned!