Handy mouse/scanner combo from Japan reads and saves your text for you



Japan, for all its futuristic technology, is still very much a nation that loves paperwork, especially at the office. People work with paper documents all the time, and for such people, scanning serves an important role for record-keeping purposes.

One product that aims to make scanning a little easier is the ‘Mouse-Gata Scanner’ (which roughly translates into ‘Mouse-form scanner’). The product was released back in November of 2012, and has received positive reviews ever since. It even once nabbed the top spot in Kakaku.com’s scanner category.

As the name suggests, this mouse scanner can be used as a computer mouse as well as a scanner, switching between the two functions simply by pressing a button. All it takes to scan a document is to turn on the accompanying software on your computer, and roll the mouse on top of the area you wish to scan. The mouse can moved freely, allowing you to scan things like a newspaper article or a single product within a catalog. The scanned data can be adjusted by trimming and fixing contrast, or you can erase unnecessary parts.

And if all that wasn’t enough, the mouse scanner also has an OCR feature, so the scan can be saved not only as image data (in seven formats including PDF and JPEG) but also as text.

Mouse-Gata-Scanner is only available for Windows for now, and can be purchased over on Amazon for about 5,800 yen (or $57). The product has an average of 4.5 stars with over 60 reveiews submitted.

King Jim is a manufacturer located in Chiyoda, Tokyo. The company has released a series of neat products including a rolling cleaner for tablets iColocolo and a digital notebook called Mamemo. The company’s website is available in English.