Japanese photo app Qtiie boasts impressive make-up enhancement features



With so many photo decoration apps available on the market, the hardest part for consumers may be choosing the best one to use. One recent trend among popular photo apps here in Japan is ‘purikura’ (or photo booths) features, such as whitening of skin and enlarging eyes.

Qtiie, is a photo decoration app for iOS that was just released by a Japanese system integrations company Fujimic, a subsidiary of Fuji Media Holdings [1].

Qtiie-screenshotThe app was developed to respond to the growing demand for Kawaii Japanese pop-culture from both inside and outside the country. The photo app comes with the obvious common features like stamps, frames, and brushes, but with a twist in ite design themes, or ‘tastes’ as the app calls them. These include location themes such as ‘Harajuku’, ‘Shibuya’, ‘Akihabara’, as well as themes like ‘Hime’ (or ‘princess’), Natural, Urban, and ‘’Wa-fu’ (Japanese style).

One impressive feature of Qtiie is its make-up enhancements. Resizing the size of your eyes, changing the colors of your eyes and lips, smoothening of skin, and even changing your hair color. Many photo apps have these purikura features, but this app makes them especially easy to use, and the finished photo is pretty high quality with an authentic look. Some designer themes and certain eye colors can be purchased within the app for 100 to 200 yen (about $1 to $2).

Decorated photos can be shared with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and of course Instagram. As its tagline says, Qtiie brings Kawaii to the plam of your hands.

The app is available for free on iOS.

  1. This unusual name is an example of what my colleague Rick Martin is talking about in his previous post titled “What’s in a name?”. Qtiie is intended to be pronounced as ‘cutie’.  ↩