Best of 2013: Beatrobo brings mobile music to you and your friends



Yesterday I looked back at Japanese photobook printing service, Nohana, one of my favorite photo-related apps over this past year. But when it comes to managing my music, another made-in-Japan service has really stood out for me in 2013. That’s Beatrobo.

Beatrobo is a very clever service that pulls music from YouTube and Soundcloud, and gives you the ability to create, save, and share playlists – or robots, as they are called. The Beatrobo mobile app launched back in May, and it has remained a mainstay on my mobile since then.

In the meantime, the folks at Beatrobo have been working away on some new things, with a promising side project, PlugAir, in the works as well. That initiative uses a plug device that connects to your headphone jack to store and exchange digital information, including lists of songs that can be shared with friends like mixed tapes. The clever part here is, again, that no songs are stored, just lists of songs from YouTube or Soundcloud.

The company says that this technology could be applied to many kinds of content, and is not limited to just music.

It will be interesting to see how the startup progresses in 2014. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this side project grow beyond the original music service. So stayed tuned!

beatrobo beatrobo-2