Japanese government launches public data portal, aiming to keep up with open data trend



We recently featured Cameron Beccario’s Tokyo Wind Map, a visualization created from publicly available weather data. This sort of presentation is made through ‘Open Government’ initiatives that encourage developers to create services that serve civic needs.

In response to global open data initiatives like data.gov, data.gov.uk, and PublicData.eu, the Japanese government recently launched a test version of its own public data site, Data.go.jp. The government hopes to catch up with the US and European countries in developing uses for such data by the end of FY2015.

The site provides data with the aim of giving all businesses and citizens access to demographical, geographical, and spacial statistics, as well as disaster prevention advisories, guidelines for governmental procurements, and white paper announcements.

The portal is currently being operated on a trial basis, but the government expects to improve it based on feedback from users, with the official launch coming in FY2014. The official version may allow you to access the data via APIs. In the Asian region, such initiatives have already started in nations like Singapore, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Korea.