Japanese app cleverly sneaks snapshot of girls in a kissing pose



Japan is often known for its unusual products, and we have written a little about them in the past. One app that is pretty ridiculous, but also very sneaky and smart at the same time, is Yahoo’s ‘Kiss-Shiyo!’ Android app. Its name when translated means “let’s kiss.”

Think of a girl that you find attractive, for example. You’re not dating her and you probably won’t in the future, but you still find her attractive. You wonder what she would look like when she’s trying to kiss someone. That’s when the Kiss-Shiyo app comes in handy.

Kiss-Shiyo-candleThe app will produce a picture showing you how she’d look when she’s about to kiss someone — all without revealing your ulterior motive. The brilliance of the app lies in how it produces this picture. Kiss-Shiyo is camouflaged to look like a fortune telling app. It displays a candle displayed on the screen, and if you ask her to blow it out and make a wish, the app takes her photo. That’s it. It’s super simple.

If the girl has some sense of humor, you will not only get a cute photo of her, but hopefully also a good laugh.

Kiss-Shiyo is a creation that came out of Yahoo Japan’s Lab, an experimental initiave from the internet giant. On its website, the Lab showcases different projects, including Yubichizu and FashionNavi. Yubichizu is an intuitive web app for tablets that lets users draw on a map to find the distance to nearby stores for example. FashionNavi, meanwhile, is an color-focused image search designed specifically for fashion.

You can download Kiss-Shiyo app on Google Play.