Dai Nippon Printing and Onemore launch crowdfunding site for book publication



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Onemore Inc., the startup behind the crowdfunding platform Green Funding, and one Japan’s leading printing companies, Dai Nippon Printing, have jointly launched a crowdfunding site called Mirai Books Fund. It will specialize in book publication.

This Mirai Books Fund is intended to support new publishing projects. The service provides companies and publishers with an online platform that includes all processes required to publish books. This includes planning, fundraising, and a consulting service on marketing and creating books.

We have previously reported on a few vertical crowdfunding sites, designed to fill specific needs. For example, other crowdfunding platforms with a similar concept are Cerevo Dash and Zenmono.

It is less challenging these days to publish book, since consumption of digital books is on the rise. This crowdfunding platform will make it even easier for individuals to publish a book, and it will also enables users to proceed with fundraising, pre-sales activities, and promotion.

On the Mirai Books Fund website, you can check out some of the ongoing projects. One was launched by the crowdsourcing service Lancers, with the goal of publish a magazine-style book. This project will be open from December 5th to January 23rd, with a funding target of 3 million yen ($30,000). The rewards for backers include the right to put ads in the book, tickets for the publication party, and establish collaborative projects with publishers.

For book projects, there is much room for customization, including the ability to offering various rewards. Mirai Books Fund could have an interesting effect on the future of books and the publishing process in Japan. So lets stay tuned to see what happens!

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