Japanese website helps divorcees find love online



According to article from Japanese economic news outlet Sankei, roughly one in three married couples in Japan end up getting a divorce [1].

The needs of people trying to get married for the first time and for those who have already been married and divorced are probably not the same. One Japanese company, Bridal Recipe, has launched the first ever Japanese online dating site for divorced people looking for a spouse. The new website is called Re:Marriage.

The site only allows divorced people to register, so that they can find people who are sympathetic and understanding of each other’s conditions. Although the site can be used anonymously (without revealing any real name or identity), users are asked to provide basic information such as age, residential area, yearly income, job description, as well as the reason for the divorce and whether or not they have any children.

Since these sort of awkward topics are disclosed from the start, people can jump right in to getting to know each other. Registered users can search for partners on their own, but Re:Marriage also suggests partners by matching up users by various criteria like age, interests, and hobbies.

For safety reasons, the site requires that all members provide identification such as a drivers’ license or passport, but this will not be disclosed on the site.

Re:Marriage requires a monthly membership fee of 3,980 yen (or about $39). To mark the site’s launch, the membership fee is free for the entire month of December.

  1. While this number seems extreme, it is apparently based on figures from the Japanese Ministry of Health, and likely not far fetched.  ↩