Japanese eco-startup Sassor raises funds from semiconductor maker

The Sassor team: Co-founder/CEO Shuichi Ishibashi in the middle, co-founder Takayuki Miyauchi is second from the left.

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Tokyo-based Sassor, the startup best known for creating its Energy Literacy Platform (ELP), announced today it has raised an undisclosed sum from Japanese semiconductor company Innotech. For those who are unfamiliar with their product, check out their promotional video below.

The startup is a graduate from the first batch of Tokyo’s Open Network Lab incubator back in 2010, raising seed funding from another incubator, Samurai Incubate, that same year. Subsequently they joined China-based hardware accelerator HAXLR8R (pronounced ‘hackccelerator’) as well.


The company first started its business by providing power consumption management solutions for households. But eventually, they got an offer from soup franchise Soup Stock Tokyo, which led them to develop a service for restaurants and retailers called ELP for Biz. This corporate version lets you manage power consumption for all your appliances, helping you optimize the energy expenditure in your business operations. Sasser co-founder Takayuki Miyauchi explains:

In addition to providing these products, we’ve also been requested to advise corporate staffers how they can improve power consumption. But we don’t have enough people to consult with them face-to-face. So we’re planning to develop a system to automate the consultation process.

Their corporate service has been adopted at about 50 retail stores. They’ve also been receiving inquiries about their products from home appliance makers in Japan and the rest of the world.

Innotech, the investor in this round, says their investment is not about the short-term, but rather is about potential business synergies that may happen in the future. It is said that Sassor has learned about logistics and warehouse management from Innotech.

Beyond the Internet of Things, Sassor is now looking beyond clean-tech to become more than a hardware-focused startup.

We expect to keep serving our customers by making the most of our experience in hardware development. We hope to change people’s quality of life through a combination of hardware and software rather than just providing technology-oriented products.

The company has been specializing in visualizing power consumption. But Miyauchi hopes to diversify their business to sectors like the health care industry.

We want to be a company that can create everything from software to hardware, with the ability to design a more whole service.

They are currently hiring new people to serve better more clients across many business sectors.