This Chinese company built $120M per year business delivering ducks necks to geeks



In China, duck necks are a popular food. And if you’re looking to find some, you might try the nearest Hahajing restaurant, a chain with over 1600 outlets in China. It’s main menu is duck meat, and even if you can’t visit the restaurant in person, the company prides itself on very fast delivery time, with food usually being delivered within 30 minutes.

Hahajing opened just four years ago, but its annual sales amount to 700 million yuan (or about $120 million).

As a comparison, Japan’s highest-grossing pizza chain, Pizza-La, has 535 outlets, and the company took 20 years to achieve 57 billion yen ($560 million) in the total annual sales, and that’s including the sales from its restaurant business. When you compare these two, it’s easy to see why speed of Hanhanjing growth is so impressive.

Hahajing restaurant (photo

We should clarify that you aren’t likely to see many people eating duck necks when you visit China. The company says that their main demographic/target is (for lack of a better word) geeks, or those who prefer to stay at home or in their room during the weekend.

If you’d like to learn more about Hahajing, you can check out their website and order page for more details. Or if you think you might be a frequent customer, you can also check out their iOS and Android apps for duck necks on the go should you ever need them.

WWDC just not the same with ducks necks, packaged in foreground. (from Weibo user @xbxbxbb)