Winter not cold enough for you? Let this Japanese company turn your iPhone into an IcePhone!



Some of our readers may recall when we previously featured food sample iPhone cases from Hamee. This is a company that leverages Japan’s expert craftsmanship for creating realistic food samples to produce incredible, one of a kind iPhone cases. Many of these cases are already available to overseas consumers via Hamee’s recently rebranded e-commerce website for global consumers, Hamee Strapya World.

One unique case recently added to its lineup is the IcePhone case. It was created in collaboration with ice cream critic, Iceman Fukutome, who claims to eat at least over 1,000 bars of ice cream per year from various convenience stores. The IcePhone comes in two designs: one is a breezy looking blue soda popsicle, and another is a chocolate crunch ice cream. Both cases are available for the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5.


Unfortunately these two popsicle cases are not currently available on the international e-commerce site, but it is on sale over on Rakuten for 3,990 yen (or about $38) each if you’d like to order it online.

More food related unique phone case can be found over on Hamee, as well as a wide assortment of cute character cases, like Hello Kitty for example.