Level up your to-do list with this fun app from Japan



I’ve experimented with a number of to-do apps over the years, with perhaps my favorite ones to date being Task Paper and Quadranto [1]. But I was curious to hear about LvUp recently, a made-in-Japan to-do list app that recently got some love on a popular Japanese television show.

The app is deceptively simple, with just a list of tasks on the main screen, and radio buttons you can push when you’ve completed them. At that point you’re congratulated by a fun ‘level-up’ sound and awarded some points for a job well done.

But if you dig a little bit under the surface, LvUP has even more features.

Tap on a task and you’ll find lots of meta-data under the hood, including points for tasks, an optional date field, and alerts if you want them. There’s also an option for repeating tasks, with even further sub-options for daily, weekly, monthly, or a specified number of days.

On the main screen in the bottom right, you’ll also find a chart icon. Tap on that and it brings you to a pretty graph of your completed tasks over time.

LvUP was initially released back in 2012, and it is currently the fourth ranked iOS app in Japan’s ‘health and fitness’ category after its recent TV appearance. If you’d like to give it a try, you can pick it up for 100 yen (or $0.99) over on the App Store.

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  1. I love Quadranto, but I’m a little discouraged that syncing has been botched in the iOS version. Nevertheless, I still use it on my Mac.  ↩