Top 3 Japanese commercials of 2013, according to the Twitterverse



Michel is an online text mining analysis service that collects information from blogs, online reviews and social media to find internet trends. Plus Alpha Consulting, the Japanese company behind the site, recently put together a report that shows the most popular TV commercials in Japan by analysing tweets from the past year.

It’s always fun to watch award-winning TV commercials, as they often gives some insight into the type of humor and creativity that works well in certain cultures. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at few of the best television commercials from Japan in 2013.

The most popular TV commercial from last year was by Nissin for its Cup Noodle product. The company has always been super creative and funny with its Cup Noodle commercials. But in the latest version, they make fun of happy people on Facebook who feel the need to share every single happy moment they experience with friends. The shark in the video represents these happy people, and the guy fighting the shark screams out, “I’ll only press ”Like” when I really like something!”

SoftBank won the number two spot with it’s unique commercials. The company is recently running a commercial that mimics the popular TV series Hanzawa Naoki, with it’s long running ‘Oto-san’ series (‘father’ in Japanese). A Japanese shibainu dog plays the part of the father in the SoftBank family. Interestingly, this father role was suppose to be played by a huge actor but at the last minute he couldn’t make it and they substituted in a dog. It’s funny how hits are made!

Loto 7’ nabbed the number three spot, with their commercial for a popular lottery here in Japan, where the prize is 400 million yen. In the commecial, two popular Japanese actors play the parts of a boss and his subordinate. The boss feigns disinterest in the lottery, asking “Can you buy your dreams with money?” But in the end it turns out that his employee catches him buying a ticket.

It’s interesting to note that all three major mobile phone carriers – Docomo, au, and Softbank – made top ten commercials list.

Michel also announced its list of well-received brands, with Softbank ranking number one, a construction company Daiwa House second, and Toyota third.

This year in 2014, Michel plans to release a monthly report of popular TV commercials based on this kind of Twitter analysis. They plans to provide an analytics service for TV commecials to advertising agencies and promoters as well.