SunBridge Global Ventures invests in online tour platform AnyRoad



San Francisco-based AnyRoad, a web platform that connects tourists and tour guides, has just received investment from Tokyo-based SunBridge Global Ventures. The amount invested was not disclosed.

AnyRoad offers a range of unique tours in cities around the world. For example, you might book a tour to go kayaking in Rio de Janeiro, explore baseball’s greatest dynasties in New York, or check out the world of Harajuku fashion in Japan. Aspiring tour guides can put together their own tour on the AnyRoad platform and earn money in the process.

As for AnyRoad’s business model, it takes a 14% commission on bookings made through its platform. But it also donates 5% of its revenues to local non-profit organizations of the tour guide’s choosing.

AnyRoad’s CEO is Jonathan Yaffe has spent considerable time in Tokyo in the past, cofounding the spectacular coworking space as well as KAIS International School and Mirai Institute. We’ve reached out to both AnyRoad and SunBridge for more about this investment and the former’s future plans, so we’ll let you know if we learn more.