100tokyo: Mapping Tokyo’s cultural venues



As we head into a long weekend here in Tokyo, here’s a fun new website to give you some ideas about what to do on the weekend. 100tokyo.jp is billed as a “curated cultural guide to the most charming and unique facets of Japan’s capital city.” I suggest you start with the map where you can explore interesting creative venue around the city.

The site was created by design studio Cinra, and organized by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Overall it’s a one of the more promising efforts at city promotion I’ve seen on the web [1]. And hopefully over the next few years leading up to the Tokyo Olympics we might we more attempts like this.

Perhaps METI could get behind some civic hackathons?

  1. Not packing Japanese and English text side by side in the same content blocks might have been wiser though, in my view. It just annoys readers of both languages.  ↩