Kayac releases mobile listening training app for English students in Japan



Japanese digital creative studio Kayac has just released an interesting mobile app to help English learners in Japan. It’s called Canary, and it’s intended to be a listening training app to be used for just a minute or two each day. Users will receive a video message from English speaking teachers [1], along with a text transcript. Given Japan’s preference for all things cute, the English speakers are (for the time being) female college students and models. Male speakers will be added soon.

As for monetization, the app features a ‘berry’ virtual currency, which you can use to see more movies. The currency can be bought, or obtained by inviting friends or logging in regularly.

Canary is available for both iOS and Google Play if you’d like to try it out.

  1. Similar to the English study platform Rare Job, teachers are based in the Philippines.  ↩