Japanese cloud-based accounting platform Freee partners with Recruit’s AirRegi



Our readers may recall that a couple of Japanese mobile payment solutions recently struck partnerships with tablet-based register apps. And now there’s another announcement in this space.

Tokyo-based Freee, the startup behind the Cloud-based accounting app of the same name, announced yesterday that it has partnered with Recruit Lifestyle. Freee will integrate with Recruit Lifestyle’s tablet-based register app AirRegi in order to automate invoicing and accounting at retail stores, thus cutting out much time-consuming work.

Since its launch back in November, AirRegi has acquired more than 35,000 merchants across Japan (as of March 18th, 2014). Freee has more than 60,000 user accounts, including freelancers, startups, and SMEs. The company recently introduced an iOS app aiming to help their users finish accounting tasks without having to spend so much time in front of a desktop terminal.

via Internet.com (Japan)