Japan’s Sirok unveils video recording tool to let developers analyze user behavior



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CyberAgent subsidiary Sirok, the startup behind the photo app My365 and AB testing service Growth Push, today unveiled a new growth hack tool that enables developers to record video of smartphone user behavior. It’s called Growth Replay.

Developed for user testing, for the purpose of the tool is mainly acquiring qualitative rather than quantitative data. By integrating their SDK with your app, you can record videos of how your users behave in that app.

Typical analytics tools let you to learn where many users quit. But if you use those tools in combination with Growth Replay, it lets you understand out how users typically quit at that point.

The recorded videos can be reviewed using a convenient dashboard, shown below. You can record a 15-minute video for every observed session and store about 100 videos max for an account. According to the company, they are planning to add more features such as video recording on a web browser and heat map. Pricing is not disclosed but available upon request.

Sirok plans to introduce more services in this space in the future, so expect to see more services from them later on.