Japanese internet giant Recruit unveils its first wearable device



The Wearable Tech Expo 2014 took place this week in Tokyo, where Recruit Technologies showcased its wearable device, Lily.

By linking with your smartphone, the device notifies you when you receive a call or chat message from someone, when a friend is near by, or when you’ve accidentally left your smartphone behind somewhere.

Wrist-type wearable devices can be generally categorized into two types. The Smartband type includes smart watches such as Pebble, Xperia Style, and Galaxy Gear. The Basicband type are typically activity monitors or sleep tracking devices like the Nike FuelBand or Up by Jawbone.


Typical Smartband devices have many features, many of which you can access even on your smartphone. Basicband devices can transmit accumulated data to a smartphone, but have no feature to pass on notifications from your smartphone.

By providing features only around notification, Lily aims to fit in a niche in where existing wrist-type wearable devices are not.

Since the device is a prototype, the company has no immediate plan to sell it commercially. Nevertheless, it is remarkable that even non-hardware company like Recruit wants to get involved in recent the Internet-of-Things trend.

From our make.thebridge.jp site (Japanese)