New partnerships announced in Japanese payments processing space



Recruit Life Style, a subsidiary of Japan’s Recruit Holdings, and US-based payment processing company Square announced yesterday they will integrate Recruit’s register tablet app AirRegi and Square’s payment service Square Register later this month. Both companies jointly started accepting applications from store owners for a combination of these services.

At the same time, Japanese payment company Coiney also announced yesterday that it has partnered with NTT East. Coiney’s card-swiping solution will be integrated NTT East’s tablet-based register app Raku Regi, and through this partnership store owners using a combination of their technologies will no longer need to enter the billing amount into two different terminals.

On a related note, tabled-based register app Yubiregi partnered with cloud-based accounting solution Freee last October, providing convenience for their users in a somewhat similar way. These integrations can reduce time-consuming work when closing the register at the end of the day, helping retail store owners concentrate on more primary tasks.