Line raises $370K for Japanese quake relief in 6 weeks. With stickers.


This past March saw the three year anniversary of the tragic 3.11 earthquake here in Japan. At the time, Line Corporation released a set of stickers to sell on its platform, drawn by kids from the affected regions. The set of 24 stickers, pictured below, were to be sold for 100 yen (or about $1) with proceeds going towards ongoing recovery efforts.

According to this evening, that set of stickers has now raised over 38 million yen (about $370,000) in the six short weeks that they have been available for purchase. Line apparently doesn’t make any money from this, taking only what it needs to handle transaction fees on Apple and Google app stores.

The stickers can still be purchased if you’d like to do so, as they’ll be available until September 10 of this year.

Line did something similar to assist with Typhoon Haiyan relief in the Philippines last year, raising over $500,000 in that effort.