Cooliris doubles down on Asia with Android push



Back in December we met with the folks from Cooliris, who at the time were making big efforts to push their photo sharing service in Asia. That initiative included bringing a localized version of their iOS app to Japan. And this past week Cooliris has doubled down on its Asia push, with a new Android app (see video demo here) that will certainly help its cause in a number of markets around Asia.

The new app, we’re told, also features Japanese localization, so if you’re on an Android handset in Japan, do check it out. Japan is already one of Cooliris’s top markets, so this effort should help solidify that.

The company is hoping to achieve a broader reach in China as well, with a partnership with app search platform Wandoujia, and it is exploring possibilities in Korea as well.

For more on Cooliris, check out our brief chat with the company’s VP of business development Sebastian Blum when we met with him back around Christmas time.