In Japan, a mobile web service lists nearby baby-friendly spots



Here’s a useful new site for parents in Japan [1]. Cozre Community ( is a web service that lists more than 10,000 diaper changing and breast feeding spots around the country.

The service is presented as a mobile-friendly web app, which will show you nearby baby-friendly areas if you grant the site permission to access your currently location when you visit the site on a smartphone.

The site provides handy information about each spot, such as whether or not it is stroller-friendly, if there’s a feeding space, or if there’s a train station or parking nearby.

Cozre Community has just been launched in beta, so I hope they’ll have many more listings added over time. The site is certainly an interesting one for parents to browse, with recommended spots and popular outings featured on the front page.


Via Venture News

  1. The site really only target mothers, but as a father who changes lots of diapers, I’m going assume there are lots of men who will be interested in this too.  ↩