Japanese adtech startup FreakOut has filed for an IPO



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Japanese ad platform operator FreakOut applied and was approved for an IPO on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market today. The company is expected to be listed on June 24th, with plans to offer 530,000 shares for public subscription and to sell 112,500 shares in over-allotment options for a total of 332,500 shares.

The company was launched back in October of 2010, and subsequently introduced demand-side platform FreakOut in January of 2012 and data management platform Mother in March of 2013. Their major shareholders include Kronos Fund, Jafco, YJ Capital, GMO Venture Partners, Batara Eto, and Shogo Kawada. [1]

  1. To elaborate on those organizations and individuals: Kronos Fund is an investment fund by Japanese investor Taiga Matsuyama. YJ Capital is the investment arm of Yahoo Japan. Batara Ito is the co-founder and former CTO of Japanese internet company Mixi, currently managing his own investment fund East Ventures with Taiga Matsuyama. Shogo Kawada is an angel investor as well as the co-founder of Japanese internet company DeNA.