Japanese video app MixChannel surpasses 10 million monthly plays



Tokyo-based app developer Donuts announced yesterday that its mobile video community app MixChannel has surpassed 10 million monthly movie plays.

The app allows you to record and edit a short 10-second movie, and then share it with other users on the platform. To differentiate from similar apps, it lets you to add audio after shooting, or you can create entirely new movies by mixing those posted by others.

The iOS app was launched back in December and recently added an English-language interface with the goal of building the biggest movie-sharing platform in Asia. To help achieve this, they will launch an Android app this summer. (For Android users, a lite version is available in Japanese.)

In this space, we’ve already seen Japanese movie app SlideStory which lets you to share a 32-second slideshow movie with others. Japanese startup Cinammon is also targeting the region with its picture-with-audio sharing mobile app.

mixchannel_screenshot1 mixchannel_screenshot2

via Venture Now