Selected startups move on from Orange Fab Tokyo to demo in Paris



Back in February we briefly introduced the eight startups joining Orange Fab Tokyo, one of the regional accelerator programs from the French telecom Orange. Those startups, if you need a refresher, are:

  • Abeja: An insights solution for retail stores that uses image recognition technology to estimate age and gender of customers.
  • Jin-Magic: Internet traffic optimization technology that aims to stabilize TCP sessions.
  • Livepass: Push notification platform for mobile app developers, enabling better contact with users
  • Locarise: Analytics service for retail stores that makes use of wi-fi signals from smartphones (Related)
  • Mashroom: Developing a telecommunications device for touch-screen devices called FlashTouch, which allows the transmission of data using visible light and capacitive touch.
  • NetLED: Network lighting control system, leveraging the cloud to more efficiently use and monitor wirelessly networked lights.
  • Pigmal: Developing PnPkin, an ID for smartphones that users the audio jack. (Related)
  • sMedio: Lets you share photos, videos, music, or applications using Miracast technology.

This past week Orange Fab held a demo day where eight of these startups pitched to an audience of about 100. Five of the startups – Abeja, Jin Magic, LivePass, Locarise, and NetLED – were selected (prior to the event) to move on to Orange’s global demo day in Paris on June 12. They will join other Orange family startups from the US, France, Poland, and Israel.

It will be especially interesting to see Abeja and Locarise get some global exposure, given that they are both retailer metrics solutions, a sector that is more and more popular of late. NetLED will also be one to watch, considering the recent buzz around the Internet of Things and Google’s recent acquisition of smart thermostat startup Nest.

We understand that Orange Fab has already begun accepting applications for its ‘second season’ here in Tokyo, and they are also accepting interested startups for first batches in Seoul and Taipei. To learn more about those programs, more information can be found here.