Recruit Technologies brings five Berlin startups to pitch in Tokyo

HeadWave CEO Sophie Willborm

Recruit Technologies, the IT company operating under Japanese human resources company Recruit Holdings, held an event called Berlin Innovation Meetup in Tokyo this week. Several entrepreneurs from Berlin presented about services they are developing and related aspects of their own startup scene back in Germany.

Berlin is one of the world’s major tech hub, and Recruit Technologies has started a collaboration project with the startup community there last year, sending its engineers to work together with startups in Berlin. Through this experience, those engineers can understand more about the entrepreneurial mindset, perhaps becoming more inventive and innovative themselves in the future.

Xyo’s CEO Zoe Adamovicz

The presentation session started with Xyo’s CEO Zoe Adamovicz. Her startup has developed an app discovery platform which gives users a new way to find mobile apps they like. HeadWave CEO Sophie Willborm presented her helmet loudspeaker device, which lets users listen to music while motorbiking, cycling, skiing, or snowboarding [1]. Peter Bihr introduced his Berlin-based hardware accelerator and IoT-focused conference Thingscon.

The Wye’s founder Leah Stuhltrager is a startup that has developed a keyless entry solution using a small dongle and a smartsphone. Currently Recruit Technologies’ developer Yugo Kuzuhara is collaboratively working with the team. New York-born Leah Stuhltrager introduced her co-working space called The Wye, renovated from a historic post office in the heart of Berlin.

It will be interesting to see how this effort will bring something of value to the the startup communities in Berlin and Tokyo. If you missed out on this event but are interested, delegates will hold another meetup event at Samurai Startup Island on Monday, so please check it out.


  1. I’m a little concerned that listening while on a street or in a public space may cause possible dangers.