Japan’s Actcat launches automated platform for reviewing code on GitHub



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Tokyo-based software development company Actcat announced yesterday that it has launched a source code review and bug detection platform called SideCI.

It provides a continuous integration service aimed at reducing time-consuming work for system developers. The service can review a given Ruby on Rails project under development on GitHub, detects security holes, points out areas likely to contain bugs, and detects libraries in need of updating.

When you push source code to a GitHub repository, SideCI will review it automatically. Using the dashboard provided, you can also easily check out how many discrepancies you have addressed and how many still remain.

The team is planning to add testing and deployment features, as well as support for programming languages other than Ruby. They attended the pitch session at TechCrunch Tokyo 2013 and the sixth batch of Incubate Fund’s development camp program.

The company is perhaps best known for having developed many web services and mobile apps in a range of programming languages and for different platforms. They plan to use this experience to improve the platform to better serve developers.

SideCI’s dashboard