Japan’s patent and invention information platform Astamuse launches global edition



See the original story in Japanese.

Tokyo-based Astamuse, the company behind the online platform for researchers and workers in the intellectual property field, announced today it has launched the English edition of the service for the global audience. The platform is serving over 1 million users in Japan with:

  • Patent application data which have been filed over the last 20 years in Japan
  • Over 10.5 million cases of technical information categorized in more than 38 different technical fields
  • Analysis of about 300,000 Japanese companies in their technological strength

These have been available only in Japanese until today, but the company launched the global edition to promote Open Innovation activities in developed countries and Reverse Innovation activities in developing countries using Japanese advanced technologies.

It is understood that the company aims to help workers worldwide involved in intellectual property connect with each other by providing Japanese users with a translation of intellectual property-related documents from the US and European countries, and vice versa for Western users.

From my perspective, I often see many cases where I need technological expertise. So I think the platform of intelligence like Astamuse.com will definitely contribute to business people and reporters as well as workers in the R&D industry.