Japan’s lunch delivery service Gochikuru.com raises $27M from office supply retailer Askul



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Tokyo-based Star Festival, a startup behind bento box delivery and catering service Gochikuru.com, announced today that it has fundraised 2.8 billion yen (about $27.4 million) from and partnered with Japan’s largest office supply mail-order company Askul.

Both companies serve corporate users, and will explore a synergy in this partnership by sharing their user bases and business resources.

To explore improvement of delivery efficiency and expand delivery coverage, Star Festival will soon start using Askul’s logistics company Bizex to deliver lunch boxes, and Askul will leverage the downtime of Star Festival’s delivery cars to deliver office supplies.

Both companies also agreed that the Gochikuru.com lunch box delivery service will be added to a line-up of Askul’s services.