Japan’s Gree teams up with house builders, starts providing flat-rate renovation packages



Japanese internet company Gree launched today a house renovation service called Ieplus. We understand that this is part of their efforts to launch new non-game businesses that Gree executive Naoki Aoyagi unveiled last week at B Dash Camp Fukuoka 2014.

As part of this effort, Gree also launched online luxury pawnshop luxury goods consignment service Uttoku in May [1] and last-minute hotel discount booking app Tonight in June.

Gree has partnered with house builders around Japan to provide flat-rate renovation packages to consumers. They provide a wide range of services including wallpaper and flooring replacements, kitchen unit replacements, and termite control.

In addition, the company provides a flat-rate subscription package for renovation in partnership with Crasco Design Studio, where property owners can more easily manage their apartments and keep tenants happy and less likely to move out.

In this space, we’ve seen more than a few startups like Shelfy, Suvaco, and Iemo. Osaka-based startup Sekaie fundraised 260 million yen ($2.6 million) from three Japanese VC firms in May to expand their low-price, flat-rate house renovation service Renoco.

via CNET Japan

  1. Revised based on the information from Gree’s public relations.