Japan’s push notification analytics tool Growth Push to go global



This is the abridged version of our original article in Japanese.

Japanese startup Sirok has introduced a series of growth hacking tools for mobile developers, comprising of user behavior video recording tool Growth Replay, user retention rate improvement tool Growth Point, and push notification analytics tool Growth Push.

The company announced yesterday that it will start the global expansion of Growth Push and extend its freemium limit in notification settings. The service allows users to conduct A/B testing to measure user responses by implementing their SDK. The setup is free, and there is no monthly fee for the first 50,000 notification testings. With the increased limit, a user will be able to test up to 1 million notification testings for free, so the company expects more individual developers to try the service in their app improvement efforts.

Since its launch in August 2013, Growth Push has been adopted by about 1,700 apps and used for testing over 50 million notification settings to date. Notable apps that use the service include major gaming titles Brave Frontier and Girl Friend Beta.

Sirok will add English, Korean, and Chinese interfaces to the testing platform. Sirok CEO Yuta Iizuka said the firm will sell the service globally:

In this space, there are many SaaS-based services, which were developed by European companies but are widely used in the US market. There’s huge potential out there because push notifications are common in any country.

I think many B2B services are shifting to B2C models, where even B2B services are adopting stylish user interfaces like typical consumer-focused apps. I think our service can compete with other testing platforms so we’d like to differentiate from them by focusing on better designs.

Sirok wants to target the US and Korean markets first, and expects to serve 500 million mobile devices having apps that have been tested with the Growth Push platform.

Furthermore, the company plans to consolidate their three different growth hacking tools in the future. Using a single unified SDK, it will allow users to manage various app improvement tactics from notification testings to marketing insights.